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Bangladesh, the myth of 21st century. The country which symbolizes struggle, hardship and happiness. With bursting number of entrepreneurs all over the country, Bangladesh has recently achieved the middle income country status by the world bank. This great success is only possible because of an active community of MSMEs.

The Micro Small and Medium Size Enterprises are the main driving force of the economy. Starting from fisheries to small boutique houses, IT firms to light engineering, small garments to agricultural firms – everything is there in the Bangladeshi SME portfolio. More than 3.6 Million people are directly into business which are categorized as SME. These businesses generate almost 41% jobs in Bangladesh. Interesting fact is more than 98% of these businesses have less than 10 workers, hence they are in the micro units. The heart of economy lies in the hand of these seasoned, faithful and fearless entrepreneurs.

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given special attention to these businesses. Under her supervision, the governor of Bangladesh bank, Dr Atiur Rahman, has given due attention to these entrepreneurs, who are full of positive energy. They have extended their helping hand by forming SME friendly policy and banking products.

To push this sector reach further milestone, Government Of Bangladesh has taken many offshore and regular strategies. The interest rate for the SMEs has been pushed down even in one digit in some cases. Specially for the women, different easy loan products have been made available. Total 1444 million USD has been disbursed as loan in 2014 to the SMEs. Also one stop service for SMEs has been opened to facilitate faster processing for this business community.

But still lack of information is stretching the hardship of the SMEs. With the progress on technology, sales orientation are changing vigorously. The channel for sales are shifting from offline to online. Also the rural SMEs are not getting equal benefits on loans and other similar products. Proper information is not disseminated on time.

Hence a SME based business managers organization was a need of time. Just at the ice breaking point I am SME of INDIA visited Bangladesh. Their organizational modality caught eyes on the local SMEs. After their return 11 young SME entrepreneurs went on an invitation to INDIA under the supervision of central bank to learn the sustainability model of a SME based BMO. After their return, I AM SME OF BANGLADESH was unofficially formed by 16 best entrepreneurs selected by the central bank. Now this name is no more a dream, this is the only dedicated trade body for the SMEs, by the SMEs. I am SME of Bangladesh will provide end to end business services support to the SMEs, which includes:

  • Credit Facilitation Center
  • Export Facilitation Unit
  • Women Entrepreneurship Cell
  • Startup Cell
  • Green Business Growth
  • Skill Development
  • ICT Facilitation
  • Legal Support Unit
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • E Commerce platform for the MSME Entrepreneur
  • Website Development and social media promotion package offering
  • Accounting Software and accounts training.
  • Low cost surveillance system package
  • Special tailor made Insurance Policy for MSME
  • Legal Service (MSME Arbitration Centre)
  • Marketing solution Package for new business and expansion
  • B2B matchmaking and credit facilities on Big Purchase (i.e Pickuo, Motorcycle etc)
  • Office Space rental package
  • VAT and TAX Cell for Consultancy support for the members.

I am SME of Bangladesh has been formed to become a supporting pillar for the micro, small and medium sized entrepreneurs. This organization stands for the entrepreneurs, by the entrepreneurs and of the entrepreneurs. The directors who made this possible are:



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