Inauguration Sub Committee

Inaugural Ceremony      
List of Sub Committees, Prime Responsibilities, Convenor, Co-Convenor & Members 
Name of Sub-Committee Prime Responsibilities Convener Co-Convener Member
Sponsorship (Fund Raising) Listing of Prospective Sponsors', Contact, Promotion, Contract & Receiving Funds & budget for Fund raising; Shafia Shama  Wafee Islam All the Honorable members of the Innitial Executive committee, are Considered as the members of all sub-committees;              
Publication of Brochure & Leaflet, Printing Cards, Displays… Collection of materials, compose, design & Printing & Budget for the Publication &  Printing  jobs; Mir Al Amin Changish Md. Sadequl Arefeen
Management of Invitation Listing of Guests ( Local Dignitaries', Sponsors' & Foreign), Card Design, Distribution & the Relevant Jobs Farhana Nazneen Tahmina KhanShaily
Fund management  Development of break ups of the Budgets, Book keeping, Submission of Balance Sheet, & Income Expenses report & relevant Budgets; Zia Hassan Siddique Mir Al Amin Changish
Event Management Detailing of Prime Programs, Venue, HR, Decoration & Logistics , Entertainment Management, & the relevant budgets; Syed  Ahamad  Kiron Md. Sadequl Arefeen All the pioneers  would enjoy the Privileges of extending  their co-operation to any sub-committee, may request for assistance;
Training Session Management Detailing of Training Programs, Venue, HR, Decoration & Logistics , Entertainment Management and  Budgeting; Kamrul Basher Mickey Ayesha Edib Khanom
Web Management Selection of subjects to be communicated, Target Group, Smart updating system, & the relevant budgets; Md. Rafiqul Islam Mir Shahrukh Islam
Media & Press Management Listing of print & Elec.- Media, Communication &  Sharing  Information,  Invitation, Reception, Taking intensive Care &  Budgeting Md. Rafiqul Islam Wafee Islam
Foreign Guest Management Listing of foreign guests, Detailing of Itinerary, Receiving, Accommodation, Transportation,  Farewell & Budgeting; Md. Main Uddin Masud Md. Zahid Hassan   
Strategic Presentation & AV Time bound Action Plan of Stage Activities & Stage Display Management, along with Logistic support & budgeting; Md. Sadequl Arefeen Mir Shahrukh Islam
There are 10 Sub-Committees, All of them have equivelant Status & Importances;  
The Committee, them selves, could improve, restructure  their responsibilities & Scope of works;  
They are requested to submit the respective budget at their earliest convenience;  


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